IMP-8 Rate Plot Program

User's Guide


The IMP-6/7/8 Rates Plot Program Produces postscript rate plots files,
PC rate files, and rate reports of rates data from the IMP-6, IMP-7, and
IMP-8 Cosmic Ray Experiments.  The input to the program can be counts files.
The averaging interval for the data can be specified from every readout up to
12-hour averages. The option is also provided for generating the sums,
differences, or ratios of pairs of rates.

For each time period to be plotted, the input deck must consist
cards in the following sequence

1. 1 title card

2. 1 file unit card

3. 1 print card

4. 1 time-parameter card

5. 1 to 50 frame size cards

6. 1 to 100 rates cards

7. 1 to 50 plot cards

8. 1 to 50 combination cards




      JTITLE        1-80        2OA4      Alphanumeric title to be written
                                          on all print logs and plot frames.



      INUNIT(L)     1-5         I5        Logical unit number for IMP-6 input

      INUNIT(2)     6-10        I5        Same as above, for IMP-7

      INUNIT(3)    11-15       I5         Same as above, for IMP-8

      XMINO        21-25       F5.1       4060 plot raster limits
                                          (default 205. if blank)

      XMAXXO       26-30       F5.1       (default 4049. if blank)

      YMINO        31-35       F5.1       (default 300. if blank)

      YMAXO        36-40       F5.1       (default 2700. if blank)



      INOEV         1-3         I3        Number of events

      NFRAME        4-6         I3        Number of frames

      NCOMB         7-9         I3        Number of Combinations

        QP           10         Ll        Printing flag

        QB           11         Ll        Printing combination flag



      IXTYPE        1-2          I2       plot x-type(see TABLE 1.)

      IYTYPE         3           II       Plot Y-type
                                          2=counts/sec cm2 ster
                                          3=counts/sec cm2 ster(Mev/nucleon)
                                          4=no Y-axis units (used only for
                                            ratio plats)

      IPERIG         4           II       sub-perigee data flag
                                          (applies to IMP-6 only)
                                          0=reject IMP-6 sub-perigee data
                                          1=plot all IMP-6 data

      IPOINT         5           I1       trend check rejection flag
                                          0=apply trend check
                                          1=do not apply trend check

      IS1            6           I1       Sectored data fail flag
                                          0=reject failed sectored data
                                          1=accept failed sectored data

      IS2            7           I1       Sectored data zero suntime flag
                                          0=reject zero suntime sectored data
                                          1=accept zero suntime sectored data

      IDAY1         9-10         I2       Start day

      MON1         11-13         A3       Start month(first 3 letters of
                                          month name)

      IYEAR1       14-15         I2       Start Year(last 2 digits of year)

      IHOUR1       17-18         I2       Start hour

      IMIN1        20-21         I2       Start minute

      ISEC1        23-24         I2       Start second

      IDAY2        29-30         I2       Stop day

      IMON2        31-33         A3       Stop month

      IYEAR2       34-35         I2       Stop year

      IHOUR2       37-38         I2       Stop hour

      IMIN2        40-41         I2       Stop minute

      ISEC2        43-44         I2       Stop second

      IXRNGE       55-57         I3       x-axis range(see TABLE 1. for de-
                                          fault values)

      XPERIG       59-68       F10.0      Perigee altitude in kilometers
                                          for IMP-6 only
                                          Optional. (default = 70,000 km.)

      QEVC          69           L1       Experiment on/off option
                                          F= in effect
                                          T= no change

      ITPE          79           I1       file type flag, for testing pur-
                                          poses only.  Normally zero
                                          (if=l, forces Plotter to use
                                           counts files for all cases.)



      IYMN           1-5         I5        Lower y-axis power of 10 for plot

      IYMX           6-10        I5        Upper Y-axis power of 10 for plot



      ILOC           1-3         I3       Rate card number

      IEVENT         4-6         13       Event identification number of
                                          rate to be accumulated.

      ISECTR          7          I1       Sector number, if applicable.
                                          0=sum all sectors(or not a sectored
                                          1-8=accumulate designated sector

      IIMP            8          II       Satellite identification for above rate
                                          6=IMP-6 rate
                                          7=IMP-7 rate
                                          8=IMP-8 rate

      NUCL            9          II       Detected particle nucleon number.
                                          Need only with IYTYPE=3.

      BAND          10-19      F10.0      Energy band for rate, in Mev.
                                          Used only with IYTYPE=3.

      FACTOR        20-29      F10.0      Override geometry factor, in cm2 ster.
                                          If blank, the default factor from
                                          APPENDIX is used.
                                          (Used only with IYTYPE=2 or 3)



      IFUNCT          1          I1       First item to be plotted:
                                          1=plot Al only
                                          2=plot Al + A2
                                          3=plot Al - A2
                                          4=plot Al / A2

      IARG1          2-4         I3       Rate card number for Al

      IARG2          5-7         I3       Rate card number for A2

      IPLTPT          8          A1       Plot  symbol for first item

                    11-18                 Same as columns 1-8 for second
                                          item to be plotted.

                    21-28                 Same as columns 1-8 for third
                                          item to be plotted.

                    31-38                 Same as columns 1-8 for fourth
                                          item  to be plotted.

                    41-48                 Same  as columns 1-8 for fifth
                                          item  to be plotted.

                    51-58                 Same as columns 1-8 for sixth
                                          item to be plotted.



      IFNT            1          I1       First item to be printed:
                                          1=print Al only
                                          2=print Al + A2
                                          3=print Al - A2
                                          4=print Al / A2

      IAGI           2-4         I3       Rate card number for Al

      IAG2           5-7         I3       Rate card number for A2

                    11-17                 Same as columns 1-7 for second
                                          item to be Printed.

                    21-27                 Same as columns 1-7 for third
                                          item to be Printed.

                    31-37                 Same as columns 1-7 for fourth
                                          item to be Printed.

                    41-47                 Same as columns 1-7 for fifth
                                          item to be Printed.

                    51-57                 Same as columns 1-7 for sixth
                                          item to be printed.

NOTES ON PARAMETER CARDS This Program can plot data from up to three different satellites at the same time. The Program makes use of only those unit numbers (on the FILE UNIT CARD) corresponding to satellites for which rates are acturally being requested. Thus, if data from only one satellite is being plotted, only that satellite's file unit number will be used (although all three numbers may be specified on the card). The plot x-axis type (IXTYPE) should be chosen from TABLE 1. The plot type determines the interval over which each data point is averaged. TABLE 1 also shows the corresponding allowable values for the plot frame X-range (IXRNGE). If IXRNGE is left blank on the input card, then the maximum value listed will be used. The plot Y-axis type (IYTYPE) is used to pick the plotting units. If IYTYPE=3, then the detected particle nucleon number and the energy bands should be specified on each RATE CARD. If it is desired to plot ratios of rates, then only ratios should be specified (i.e., all IFUNCT=4 on the PLOT CARD), and IYTYPE should be =4. If IPOINT is left blank, events that fail the trend check and events that occur immediately after bit-rate changes and data time gap will not be processed. If IPOINT=1, all events will be processed. The file type parameter, ITAPE, should normally be left blank. If left blank, then counts files will be used as input for all plot jobs with an averaging interval smaller than 15 minutes; and summary counts file will be used with averaging intervals of 15 minutes or more. If ITAPE=1, then counts files will be used with any averaging interval. This option is useful for testing and for processing times for which there exist no summary counts files. The use of this option for normal production however, can be very costly in terms of computer time. On the RATE CARDS, the rate identification number should be taken from the appropriate satellite rate table in Appendix A. Also the rate identification number has an associated read card number, the read card number is the number in the order of reading RATE CARD from input cards. The sector number only has meaning if a sectored rate is being processed. The RATE CARDS are used to identify and supply input data for all rates that are to be accumulated by the program. On the PLOT CARDS, for each item to be plotted, the IFUNCT parameter ter specifies which combination of rates is to be used. The Al and A2 parameters refer to the read card number on RATE CARD which contains that rate desired. All items on the same PLOT CARD are plotted on the same frame. The frame number is determined by the order of PLOT CARDS on input cards. The COMBINATION CARDS are used to print rates or combination of rates. For each item to be printed, the IFNT parameter specifies which combination of rates is to be printed. The Al and A2 parameter refer to the read card number on RATE CARDS which contains that rate desired. When IYTYPE =2 or 3, geometry factors will be used with all the rates rates accumulated. If no value is entered on the corresponding RATE CARD, the default value from Appendix A. Notes that certain rates have default of 0.0 degrees, in these cases a geometry factor has been determined to be somewhat meaningless and the user must supply a value if the rate is to be accumulated (with IYTYPE =2 or 3) 3. PROCESSING ENVIRONMENT The IMP-8 Rate Plot program (RATEPLOT) is developed on an Sun worksation Sun 4.1.4 operating system. The source codes are written in Sun FORTRAN languages. A local I/O system FTIO package was developed. A local shell program was developed to execute the IMP-8 RATEPLOT program. 4. TABLE 1 (X-AXIS SCALING) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLOT TYPE INTERVAL PLOT FRAME X-RANGE IPLOT START TIME ALIGNMENT (=IXTYPE) AVERAGE (=IXRNGE)* --------------------------- NORMAL PRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 EVERY READOUT 5 TO 15 MINUTES EVEN MINUTE 1/4 HOUR 2 5 MINUTES 3 TO 12 HOURS HOUR 1/2 DAY 3 10 MINUTES 6 TO 24 HOURS 2 HOURS DAY 4 15 MINUTES 12 TO 36 HOURS 3 HOURS 1/2 DAY 5 30 MINUTES 1 TO 5 DAYS DAY DAY 6 30 MINUTES 24 TO 120 HOURS 6 HOURS DAY 7 1 HOUR 1 TO 10 DAYS DAY DAY 8 1 HOUR 48 TO 240 HOURS 1/2 DAY DAY 9 6 HOURS 1 MONTH ONLY MONTH MONTH 10 12 HOURS 1 TO 3 MONTHS MONTH MONTH 11 24 HOURS I TO 6 MONTHS MONTH MONTH ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * DEFAULT FOR IXRNGE IS THE MAXIMUM RANGE VALUE SPECIFIED 5. APPENDIX A (IMP-8 RATE IDENTIFICATION TABLE) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ID GEOMETRY LIVE RATE FACTOR TIME ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 2.810 10.24 DI.E.-F.-G 2 2.540 10.24 DI.E.F.-G 3 2.810 10.24 DI.-D2.E.-F.-G 4 2.810 10.24 DI.-(DI&EI)1.E.-F.-G 5 0.0 10.24 ID1 6 0.0 10.24 ID2 7 2.810 10.24 DI.(DII&EII)R.E.-F.-G 8 2.540 10.24 DI.E.F 9 2.540 10.24 DI.(DI&EI)2.-(DII&EII)R.E.F.-G 10 2.540 10.24 DI.(DII&EII)R.E.F.-G 11 0.0 10.24 DI 12 0.0 10.24 E 13 0.0 10.24 F 14 0.0 10.24 G 15 2.810 10.24 DI.(DI&EI)1.E.-F.-G 16 2.810 10.24 (DI&EI)2.E.-F.-G 17 0.390 10.24 (A&B)1.B.-C 18 0.390 10.24 A.B.-C 19 0.0 10.24 A1 20 0.390 10.24 (A&B)1.-B.-C 21 0.0 10.24 B 22 0.390 9.20 (A&B)2.A.B.-C 23 0.390 9.20 (A&B)2.A.-B.-C 24 0.0 10.24 A1.B 25 0.390 10.24 A1.-B.-C 26 0.0 10.24 C 27 4.830 5.12 DI4 28 4.830 5.12 DI3 29 4.830 5.12 DI2 30 4.830 5.12 DI1 31 0.0 5.12 F 32 0.0 5.12 E 33 0.0 5.12 DII 34 4.830 5.12 DI 35 0.165 5.12 DI.DII.S1D.-F 36 0.165 5.12 DI.DII.S2D.-F 37 2.540 SECTORED: DI.E.F.-G 38 2.900 SECTORED: DI.-D2.E.-F.-G 39 2.900 SECTORED: (DI&EI)1.E.-F.-G 40 2.900 SECTORED: DI.-(DI&EI)1.E.-F.-G 41 0.390 SECTORED: A1.-B.-C 42 0.390 SECTORED: A1.B.-C 43 0.165 SECTORED: DI.DII.-F 44 0.165 SECTORED: DI.DII.S1D.-F