Note: Corrections have been applied to the Voyager 2 flux data from DOY 178/2019 (June 27) due to the turn off of the Voyager 2 CRS
Heaters. Flux data from DOY 160/2019 to DOY 178/2019 (June 9 - 26) is not available.

See Voyager-2 Temperature Corrections for additional information.


Voyager-1 and Voyager-2 data are not available after 04/28/2022. The Voyager-1 data requires recalibration as a result of the V1 CRS Heater Turn Off.


Note: Hours and Minutes are set to zero (0) for the Start and End times (e.g. an End Time of 2020/01/20 is 2020/01/19 23:59:59).
Voyager-1 Hydrogen Bins
Voyager-1 Helium Bins
Voyager-2 Hydrogen Bins
Voyager-2 Helium Bins